What’s New at The Poole Passion?

Performance dates for April 2022:
Tuesday 5th April – 7pm
Wednesday 6th April – 7pm
Thursday 7th April – 7pm
Friday 8th April – 7pm
Saturday 9th April – 7pm

Tickets on sale now:
Tel: 07598 826145

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Tuesday 5th & Wednesday 6th – £8 Adults £4 Children (5yrs to 16yrs)
Thursday 7th, Friday 8th, Saturday 9th – £10 Adults £6 Children (5yrs to 16yrs)

This year, the whole performance will take place in the beautiful St Peter’s Church, Church Rd, Lower Parkstone (Ashley Cross), Poole, BH14 0NN

Parking: Car Park in Curzon Road, or limited parking in residential roads.
Train: Short walk from Parkstone Station, near Ashley Cross Green

We shall be performing a brand new production of the Poole Passion in 2022.
A wonderful new story written by Ann Balaam entitled “Footsteps”
The play follows a group of tourists visiting modern day Jerusalem. However, when they reach various sites they find themselves transported back in time to that of the events that took place involving Jesus and his followers. Through witnessing these events close up, the tourists then find connections and inspiration to the many challenges facing them in their modern lives.
This new production features a brand new cast (with one or two familiar faces), plus exciting new lighting effects and projections by Conical Sphere, and a new musical score composed by Richard McLester.

Actor Tim Drage created an idea to promote the play, 4 actors would write a monologue, separate from the ‘Footsteps’ script, as if the character they portray was speaking many years later about these events.
These monologues were filmed with each actor performing their own piece.

This is the Mother Mary monologue, written and performed by Ann Balaam.

The Judas Iscariot monologue, written and performed by Tim Drage

The Pontius Pilate monologue, written by Ann Balaam and Clive Balaam, performed by Clive Balaam.

The Jesus monologue, written and performed by Paul Stillwell.