Poole Passion joins in Spirituality Evening at Poole Museum

WP_20150520_018On May 20th 2015 The Poole Passion participated in an event, hosted in Poole Museum, exploring Spirituality.

Artist Jason Miller, who was exhibiting his work based on this theme, had visited TPP and asked them to take part. Members of TPP were joined by pupils from Poole High School and separately and together performed dramatic scenes which represented different ideas of what is meant by spirituality.

Scenes, which were all directed by Sharon Muiruri, included Weddings Through the Ages a short scene written by TPP members Ann and Clive Balaam, it looked at the feeling of continuity of time with brides walking down the same aisle of a church spanning the centuries.

Another TPP member Bob Garratt had written a short scene where he, a widower twice, was depicted with the spirits of his two wives discussing how they had met him and known him. It was both tender and amusing.

Poole High School, who do weekly workshops with Sharon, presented scenes which posed the question “What is Life?” and they also formed the invisible link between each scene.

The audience, which was large and diverse enjoyed the various scenes that moved through the museum as they were performed ending with “The Tree of Life.” This was performed by both members and the pupils and depicted the Circle of Life through the changing of the seasons. It was an improvised piece to a poem, an amalgamation of our ideas as to the question ‘What do we think is meant by spirituality?’
The evening was very well received and appreciated and our thanks to staff at Poole Museum for their cooperation and delicious refreshments.