The team get their new robes

Herod's costume

Making costumes for a play can be an exciting and daunting process. Although most of us enjoy the full power of theatre, it is often the costumes that make the experience that bit more special for us.

The dedicated and talented costume design team have certainly been putting their skills into action for this year’s Poole Passion Play ‘Through the Eyes of a Child’

For the fourth year running Arwell (Costume Designer), Wendy (Wardrobe Mistress) and Jill have produced fantastic period apparel fit for an angel, or an archangel at least!

Each member of the costume team has an important part to play in producing the costume from when it’s first designed to when it’s first worn in a performance.

Arwell turns sketches into reality, Wendy ensures that all of the costumes have secret pockets so that the actors can keep their props and belongings with them and Jill fearlessly pins fabric as the actors try on their new robes. According to Jill making costumes for this play has been even trickier than making a wedding dress!

We think that the costume team did a great job with Herod’s costume in the photo above too, don’t you agree?

If you like the costumes, then you’ll enjoy the play too. Tickets are on sale for April performances and are available on our ticket webpage. Don’t miss out!