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Christopher Mellows (1947-2013)

HerodSquareDear Friends,

I expect that most of you know by now that our dear friend Christopher Mellows died peacefully yesterday.

Not only was Christopher a great actor and played the role of Herod so well but he was a wonderful generous and a lovingly human being. Someone who was a good listener and always made people feel happier after they spent time in his presence. He was a tower of strength in the group. He was at the very first meeting of the Passion Play back in 2008. From that meeting onwards he gave terrific commitment time and energy to the project.

We shall never forget him and will continue to feel his warm and guidance around us.

Our love goes out to Helen and all his family and especially to Sam his son and Rhys his grandson who were also involved in the play. I joked with Chris it was a bit like having the ‘Redgrave dynasty’ in the play. Christopher was always ready to make us smile and we shall all miss him deeply.
With love Sharon