The Road To Golgotha CD

The-Road-To-Golgotha-Passion-Play-SoundtrackThe soundtrack for The Poole Passion 2014 is finally complete!

The Road To Golgotha, written and performed by Richard McLester featuring vocalist Alexandra Wehlau is 50 minutes of completely original, exciting, drama-filled music featuring huge choirs, orchestral arrangements and beautiful singing.

Whether you prefer traditional choral and classical music, or more modern pop, there is something for everyone in this CD that follows the Passion of Christ through from The Last Supper to Crucifixion and Resurrection.

The CD can either be listened to as a whole experience, reliving the last days of the life of Christ – or as tracks that stand by themselves.

Taken from the Album The Road To Golgotha, this is the official music video to “We Have Fallen (Over The Edge Of The World). It also features actress Ann Balaam who played Mary, mother of Christ in The Poole Passion 2014.

The Music
The opening track features a Renaissance Pipe, or Shawm that you will have seen Richard play as the opening to the play. The Lord’s Prayer in ancient Aramaic, the original language of Jesus follows sung by Alexandra Wehlau.

The music then moves through a folk song called River, River (Track 2) featuring Richard playing the Arabian Oud (the Arabic equivalent to a Lute). Tim Fisher (1st Violins, Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra) features on violin. As The Lord’s Supper is instituted, Jonathan Prentice (professional baritone) opens the powerful choral piece called Sanctus (Track 3).

The CD continues with a passionate Gethsemene (Track 4) (again with original Aramaic words) and follows as Jesus walks The Way Of Grief to a piece called Lament of the Tenebrae (Track 6). At Golgotha (Track 7), a frenzied party of death occurs and Jesus is crucified.

The feature track of the album is We Have Fallen (Over the Edge of the World) (Track 8), a contemporary pop song of love sung by Alexandra Wehlau. There follows the massive Resurrection (Track 9), a reflective and still Agnus Dei (Track 10) and finally to finish a light-hearted song called Eleutheria (Track 11).

To listen to preview clips from the CD, click below…


poole-passion-2012-0108. We Have Fallen Over The Edge (Of The World)

With the realisation that there is no return, a broken hearted Mary sings a song of love.

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poole-passion-2012-0131. Lament of the Shalmaj

The overture. The piece begins with the haunting sound of a Renaissance Shawm followed by the Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic, the original language from the time of Jesus.

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poole-passion-2012-0132. River, River

Jesus washes the feet of the disciples, echoing his earlier baptism as Judas leaves to go and betray Jesus.

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poole-passion-2012-0133. Sanctus

Jesus institutes the last supper with his disciples.

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poole-passion-2012-0134. Gethsemene

After Jesus prays in the Garden of Gethsemene, his betrayer arrives signaling to the Romans by kissing him. He is arrested and taken away.

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poole-passion-2012-0135. Pilate

Jesus is taken before the Roman Governor Pontius Pilate. Pilate washes his hands of Jesus and condemns him to be crucified.

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poole-passion-2012-0136. Lament of the Tenebrae

Jesus walks the Via Dolorosa, or the Way of Grief through Jerusalem before he ends up at the site of the crucifixion.

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poole-passion-2012-0137. Golgotha

Jesus reaches Golgotha, the scene of torture and torment. He is erected on a cross and crucified.

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poole-passion-2012-0139. Resurrection

Mary Magdalene, visiting the tomb finds that it is empty. A gardener appears to her, revealing himself as the risen Christ.

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poole-passion-2012-01310. Agnus Dei

The words of the Agnus Dei are “Lamb of God, you take away the sins of the world. Have mercy on us. Grant us peace.”

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poole-passion-2012-01311. Eleutheria

Eleutheria is the Greek word for liberty, a phrase that sums up the resurrection.

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