PCPP Members Attend London Conference

London-Bubble-Theatre-Company-LogoAges and Stages Conference

Four members of PCPP (Amanda ,Annie ,Sam and myself) attended London Bubble Theatre Company conference Ages and Stages, a conference for anyone interested in community theatre on Saturday 7th January 2012.

The conference posed key questions …

Why make intergenerational community performance?
What are the challenges and the opportunities?

The conference explored developments in the field of theatre and dance made with and for an intergenerational community. Professionals and amateurs, participants and commentators debated an area of theatre making that is as controversial as it is old.

For PCPP I can say that not only was it very exciting to think on another level about what we are trying to achieve with our own project. Community theatre works at achieving a high level of theatre alongside being inclusive and giving a diverse group of people creative opportunities.

Ages and Stages enabled us to network with other community theatre groups including the Brighton https://www.woodsdental.co.uk/generic-accutane-isotretinoin-uk/ Passion Play. The conference was very affirming as to why community theatre is so important. .TPP certainly tries to embrace the locally along side creating its own community.